Travel while you’re young and able

Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be

Travel while you’re young and able

Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be

About Us

Robaeya Travel, a private family owned Travel Agency launched in 2011 when 4 siblings decided to put their passion for travel to good and that is how the company name came to be.

Robaeya Travel offers its customers an endless amount of travel services allowing you to fulfill all your travel needs under one agency. From airline tickets, to hotel reservations, coupled with transportation and travel insurance, we will also ensure you have the perfect trip with Day Tours & pre-set travel schedules, not only in Egypt but across the globe.

Hajj & Umrah

Its name has turned into a word that basically means “The Ultimate Destination” Mecca.

Robaeya Travel is here to ease your pilgrimage planning and give you the ultimate experience.

With 5 star quality service, we offer our Hajj and Umrah customers luxury experience with the top hotels in Mecca & Medina.

Robaeya Travel will fully accommodate all your needs to ensure your holy trip is an unforgettable journey.

Our Services include:






Being an authorized agent for all the top airlines in Egypt, Robaeya has reached positive sales figures that show an increase year on year.

Robaeya Travel will also contact you with the best travel deals.

You won’t think so when you get an offer for a trip Cairo – New York City – Cairo for less than 4,000 L.E. Sounds unreal?

Well this offer was available from Robaeya for 48 hours.

Why Robaeya?


No need to pay on the spot. Wire it, online transfer. No need for Credit Cards or Security Deposits


Better rates than any other online engine in most cases


Easier to handle group bookings & great customer service


It will only take you a few seconds to contact us with changes via email, text, or even whatsapp

All Services

Best Ticket Prices
for 60+ Airlines

Business Trips
& Exhibition Arrangements


& Umrah

Local Travel Services

Facilitating Your
Adventure Travel

Tailored Honeymoon
& Couples Packages

Visa Issuing

Medical Travel


thumb_01_60_60Nour El Din Abuzeid


19, February 2015 4_5_stars

“Robaeya made it much easier for me to plan a trip. All what I need to do is to send an email with the dates and destination and they get everything done for me way sooner than I used to do. It took me 3 days exactly between deciding to go to Dubai and being there. It didnt happen to me once or twice, i had the same experience 3 times in a year. Such a great company to deal with!!!”

thumb_02_60_60 Rana Magdy

@Rana Magdy

15, December 2014 4_5_stars

“This travel agency is number one choice for me and my husband, they first planned our honeymoon wich was perfect we went to a perfect resort in Maldives then an amazing hotel in Singapore , they took care of every single detail. The team is very helpful and friendly , they also planned us a perfect trip to dubai where we really enjoyed our holiday. ”

thumb_03_60_60 Mahmoud Atalla


2, February 2015 4_5_stars

“I’ve experienced travelling with Robaeya personally and I have used their services for family travel as well, and they are always extremely efficient, organized and professional. All the details were always taken care of, even when we were a large group with different departure and arrival dates, everything went like clockwork, with no issues and with their very helpful and passionate crew facilitating all our activities and transportation. Is it possible to issue tickets and entry visa (that normally takes 5 working days), in 24 hours? Robaeya Travel did that, and it seemed like business as usual for them! Amazing experience! ”

thumb_01_60_60Arielle Golan


29, December 2014 4_5_stars

“My grandmother came to visit Egypt from the US, and thankfully a friend recommended Robaeya Travel! Robaeya Travel ensured that her trip went seamlessly. From booking our flights to sending us multiple itinerary options to airport pick-up every detail was taken care of leaving us both free to have a relaxing and stress-free visit! The highlight of her trip was the river nile cruise that Robaeya Travel set up for us. The customer service, Egyptian Hospitality, and great deals that Robaya offers are unmatched and I highly recommend using their services!
Thank you for an awesome trip! :)”

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